The crematorium: a promoter rebounding in the face of citizen pressure

A group of citizens pushed a promoter who wanted to build a crematorium a few steps from a residential area in San Bruno de Montarville.

The project led by the cooperative funéraire du Grand Montréal (CFGM) is still on the table, but instead, the crematorium should be built in an industrial park, near Highway 30, a good distance from the residences. “We’ve been discussing for a few weeks with City and we’ve come to a compromise that is reasonable for everyone,” CFGM Deputy General Manager Matthew Holley said.

The crematorium: a promoter rebounding in the face of citizen pressure

Matthew St Mary / QMI

At a special city council meeting last month, elected officials adopted motion notices and draft district bylaw changes stating that the crematorium would be built in the Gérald-Filion business park. For its part, the funeral home, which is part of the CFGM project, will be at 5 Parent Street, where the crematorium was initially scheduled to be installed.

“This is a step in the right direction because the crematorium will now be 200 meters from the dwellings instead of 25 meters,” responded Robert Forgate, director of research and communications at Citizens Against Crematoriums Adjoining Residences and Residences (Kokara).

From the moment the project was unveiled in the fall of 2019, Montarville residents have mobilized by organizing demonstrations. In recent months, COCARH has threatened to sue the city if it allows this building to be built near the residential area, ruling that it is in violation of its local law that prohibits the establishment of businesses that are not “neighbourhood businesses.”

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filtration system required

Happy with the latest development, the organization is now asking the funeral cooperative in Grand Montreal to install a filtration system that contains toxic fumes from crematoriums that, according to it, can cause significant harm to the population, such as birth defects.

“Without filtration, residents will receive trash anyway, and that doesn’t help us anymore!” Robert Forget divorces.

However, the funeral company believes that the crematorium does not need this system. “There is no filtration in crematorium units in Quebec. The units are extremely efficient and are at the cutting edge of technology, which means that everyone’s health and safety is guaranteed,” says Mathieu Hall.

Changes to the project will be presented at a public consultation meeting on September 21. At that time, citizens will be able to express their opinions and ask their questions.

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