The cruiser Moskva sank | Russia releases video allegedly showing surviving sailors

(Moscow) Today, Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a video clip showing a meeting between the head of the Navy and the survivors of the cruiser. Moskva that sank in the Black Sea.

Posted yesterday at 2:23pm.

In this video of about thirty seconds, we see a few dozen men in sailor uniforms lined up in front of the captain of the navy, Nikolai Yevminov.

The Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Yevminov and the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, met with the crew of the ship Moskva In Sevastopol “in the Crimea, the ministry said in a brief statement.

“The ship’s crew has been informed that the officers, marines and sailors will continue to serve in the Navy,” the admiral added.

These are the first photos in which we can see presumed members of the crew Moskva Since it sank on Thursday.

Russia claims that this flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet sank following a fire caused by an explosion of ordnance. Ukraine claims to have sunk it with missiles.

The broadcast of the video clip on Saturday came at a time when many experts and netizens were wondering about the fate of the ship’s crew members. Moskva.

Russia confirmed that the crew had been evacuated before the sinking, with no injuries reported.

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