Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: New info to discover this week – Nintendo Switch

scarlet pokemon / purple will undoubtedly be A year-end event on Nintendo Switch. after going out in january from Pokemon Legends: Arceus that brought about a lot of changes, scarlet pokemon / purple You must go further. The game has already been submitted as a new development With a real open world and new game mechanics in particular. But for now, a little bit of information… but that might change this week. In fact, the Japanese case tokyo tv, Bokedoku 4 Promises to bring everythingLatest information about pokemon games“… In general, Japanese TV shows do not reveal new information and merely repeat what has already been published. But by announcing in advance that a series of Bokedoko It will be dedicated to the latest information about Pokémon games, this indicates that new information will be shared soon (necessarily before the broadcast.) It’s happened before.. So, if you’re a fan, stay tuned (it’s a teaser).

Reminder, scarlet pokemon And Pokemon Purple are waiting end of 2022. Waiting for more details, find all the information on start iu in Our own news. And as always, feel free to speak in the comments.

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