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The dengue fever epidemic has accelerated, with 435 new cases and 21 municipalities affected

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From 260 cases in the previous week, Reunion Island cases increased to 435 cases of dengue fever from March 1-7. The epidemic is accelerating on the island, and now 21 municipalities, or 5 others, are affected. The West and the South are the most affected areas.

The authorities are concerned about the acceleration of the dengue fever epidemic in Reunion. In one month, the number of new cases per week doubled by 4. From March 1 to 7, 435 new cases were confirmed.

Two weeks ago, local cases were identified in 15 municipalities, and now there are 21 cases involved: Saint-Joseph, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Leo, Saint-Paul, Le Port, La Possession, Le Tampon, Saint-Denis, Sainte-Marie, Sainte Suzanne, Cilaos, Petite. -Ile, Les Avirons, Saint Benoit, Etang Salé, Trois Bassins, Bras Panon, Saint André, Entre Deux, Sainte Rose, Saint Louis.

Only 3 municipalities have identified a case for 4 consecutive weeks, namely, La Plaine de Palmeestes, Saint-Philip and Slazy.

Intensification in the west and south

The virus is particularly spreading in the West, particularly in El Mina, Saint Paul and La Possession. El Mina Municipality reported most cases, or 57% of complaints.

New clusters of cases have also been identified in the south, in San Joseph, Le Tampon and Itang Salé, but also in San Denis in new areas.

Cases clusters

Western Region:

  • The Port (Cité Parny, Manes, Satec, SIDR Basse, Old town, Say, Piscine, Zac1, ZUP 1, Coeur bleeding Haut, Coeur bleeding Bas, Industrial Zone n ° 1, Rivière des Galets)
  • La Possession (Moline Jolly, Beachette, La Palmeraie)
  • Saint Paul (La Blaine, Bellevue County)
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Southern area:

  • Saint Joseph (not jacques, la cayenne, le bouture, le joueif, croes)
  • Seal (the four cents)
  • Itang Sala (Foothills)

The northern area:

  • Saint-Denis (Bilbert, Brittany, Saint-Clotilde)

Recommendations to fight dengue fever

  • Protect yourself and those around you from mosquito bites, including the seven days after the onset of symptoms: insect repellants, mosquito nets, long clothing and diffusers. Continue to protect yourself even if you previously had dengue fever;
  • Get rid of breeding areas: Empty anything that may contain water throughout your home;
  • Consult a doctor if symptoms appear (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.) and take a laboratory sample from the medical complications prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

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