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Tramway: “We’re Along” – Regis Labium

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We agreed, and he got his wordThe Mayor of Quebec announced at the end of a meeting that lasted more than an hour with François Legault and Quebec’s Minister of Transport, François Bonardelle.

I felt like the prime minister was in a hurry. He cannot wait for all of this to be resolved.

Regis Labium, Mayor of Quebec

The Quebec government has been saying for months that it wants to improve the road to better serve the suburbs. The last line on the table on Charlesbourg Street and 1re Avenue in Limoilou was abandoned in favor of the D’Estimauville strip, in the Beauport district. The station, Le Gendre, will be preserved in the west of the city, and the government wants to develop a technology innovation zone at every end of the road.

However, Regis Labium did not provide any details on the agreement with François Legault. There is a cabinet every Wednesday and this is where it is decided. […] We’ll wait for all of this to be settled, written and voted on and we’ll give you all the details.

The mayor also confirms that the total envelope of the project remains unchanged at $ 3.3 billion.

On social networks, François Legault welcomed Regis Laboum’s openness to reviewing the track. We agree now on what the new version will take, as well as on the suburban service., The prime minister added.

With regard to service to the suburbs, specifically, the Mayor of Quebec says it will be provided mainly by the Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with Quebec City and the Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC).

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Despite significant changes made to the project, Regis Labium assures that everything will be ready to trigger calls for proposals once the agreement with the government is formalized. Currently everyone works day and night tweaking documents, plans and specifications. We are organizing ourselves to be ready in the coming days.

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