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The Dune, the dream of a teenager Denis Villeneuve

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Synopsis: The Atreides and Harkonnen fight over Spice, an invaluable resource found on the planet Dune. The hero of the story, Paul Atreides, holds the fate of his people in his hands.

The importance of women in the life of Denis Villeneuve

to me Everyone is talking about itThe director says he matches the character of Paul (the film’s hero), because just like him, women have guided him in his life, including his mother and grandmothers.

It is a very masculine novel, but there is still the birth of something feminine in Frank Herbert’s writing. And Paul’s relationship with his mother, the presence of these feminine forces there, around him, and who will guide him, is something I honestly find myself in.

Denis Villeneuve
DuneWritten by Denis Villeneuve Photo: Warner Bros.

Since its release, the film has generated nearly $300 million in revenue.

The road to freedom

Denis Villeneuve is impressed to see an author DuneFrank Herbert, confirmed in the twenty-first century, especially with regard to the overexploitation of natural resources and the repercussions of colonialism. In adolescence, it was the characters’ ability to free themselves from unconscious baggage that grabbed him.

I, what struck me in this novel, was that among other things people were able to direct the voices of their ancestors, the forces of the subconscious, genetic inheritance to make something positive. All the unconscious impulses that hinder our freedom, they manage to turn into something positive.

Denis Villeneuve
Bearded man smiling.
Director Denis Villeneuve presenting Dune The premiere in Venice on Friday Photo: dpa via getty Images / MIGUEL MEDINA

Live great feelings together

Dune It premiered at the Venice Film Festival last September. After months of waiting, due to the pandemic, the film can finally meet its audience on the big screen and at a festival the director sees.

It was a huge relief. For me, it was a victory over the pandemic, the idea that we would finally be able to present it on the big screen in front of an audience. I don’t know if, after several months, you remember going back to the cinema or the cinema? I, I went to see a friend’s movie, big giant waveby Marie Julie Dallaire. I remember I was at the cinema and started crying during the movie, because of the beauty of the movie, but also because we were together to receive these feelings.

Denis Villeneuve

Quebec with visual design

Dennis talks about the exceptional talent of Technical Director Patrice Vermet and assures us that we will be hearing a lot more about him over the next few years.

He is someone with a tremendous culture in architecture, contemporary design, and contemporary art. […] These films are so huge, there’s so much work to do that you don’t want to start sticking around or explaining yourself to your collaborators and helpers. You want to have people with whom you have a direct connection, and with Patrice, we practically no longer need to talk to each other. We have a very common sensitivity, and to adapt to a novel like this I needed someone close like that…

Denis Villeneuve
A young man (Timothée Chalamet) in combat gear and a dagger.
DuneWritten by Denis Villeneuve Photo: Warner Bros.

Part two when is it?

The director wanted to adapt the first novel (for series six) by proposing to produce two films, in order to preserve the details that make the story so rich.

Usually, we aim for two years. It’s a very short time frame, but it can be. This is the first time I’ve done this; I never went back to the world of the movie I just made. There’s a whole lot of work from the design, the architecture, the costumes, and a large part of the distribution that is done, and the film is written. There are a lot of things that are being done. The first movie took three and a half years or so to produce, but the second movie could be made much faster. It will be a challenge anyway.

Denis Villeneuve

Acknowledgment from colleagues

Dune, Villeneuve version, received a lot of praise, including those from the director Batman And’its origins, Christopher Nolan.

The best compliment I can receive – and the world of directing is one that can be relatively competitive when it comes to it – is when my colleagues slap me in the back. Honestly, that’s what makes me the most fun in the world.

Denis Villeneuve

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