Gin as Ginette Reno

In spite of herself, Jeanette Reno found her name and photo on the new bottles of gin, shown since Thursday on SAQ. In fact, the great Quebec singer has loaned herself to a game project born from the imagination of her son Pascaline Renaud.

Pierre Marc Durevage

Pierre Marc Durevage

“You would have told me I would have a gin in my picture today, I would have never believed you.” The famous singer wrote on her Facebook page, admitting in passing that she is not the type to drink any kind, my son would have had the idea of ​​gin.

So she couldn’t answer her son when he asked her about the taste of gin. “In my time, it was great,” she continues in the message sent to the social network. he is [m’a expliqué] Quebec gins are now more refined and that we can have many aromatic profiles. he is [m’a dit] : “Why don’t we like chamomile tea with lemon, that would be good, wouldn’t it?” “

So, with Ginette Reno’s favorite infusion in mind, chemist and alcoholic product developer David Bérubé created the gin. The dry gin produced in association with the Les Subversifs Distillery offers notes of cardamom, citrus, lemongrass and chamomile. It is distilled into Sorel Tracy in a small 350 liter container with various plant ingredients such as juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds, lemon, orange peel, grapefruit, cardamom, licorice and lemon as well as chamomile flowers. So we say that the new gin in the image of the Lady of the Great Song of Quebec, strong and delicate.

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The 750ml Gin • ette is available exclusively at for $48. Of the number, 100 bottles will be signed by Ginette Reno, and will be given randomly, exclusively during online orders. Gin•ette will be on SAQ shelves over the next year.

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