The end of the parliamentary spring session: Bernard Gennero assesses the issues at hand

Remaining attentive to citizens despite the default formula that was necessary to maintain due to the second and third waves of COVID-19 in the country, Rep. Bernard Genroe has been particularly affected by young riding moms who have had difficulty accessing Canada’s Caregiver Economic Stimulus Benefits (PCREPA). The MP lamented that the strict interpretation of the regulations by revenue agency officials made unaccepted mothers unsuccessful in registering their children in foster care, due to a lack of places curtailed due to sanitary rules during the pandemic.

“I have reinforced my efforts by calling on the Minister and her Parliamentary Secretary to be well informed of the situation, knowing that only Trudeau’s Cabinet can provide clarifications to the regulations regarding the various assistance programs,” it was strongly embraced. Changes are quick and often require changes, said Bernard Gennero, because too many people have fallen through the cracks, despite the prime minister’s initial promise not to let anyone down. On PCREPA, I find it very unfortunate that Justin Trudeau’s liberals did not see the importance of resolving this very specific element, clearly showing that young families are not a priority for the current government. “

immigration applications

Bernard Genero also decried the increase in processing times related to immigration applications, as well as the stalemate regarding the cap on temporary foreign workers at some companies in the region that face significant labor challenges. – the work.

The Conservative MP said he is proud to belong to an official opposition that has stood up to Justin Trudeau’s government in recent months. Although his party has offered conditional support for the government so that the economy is bolstered with aid programs during the health crisis, he believes that members of the Quebec bloc and the New Democratic Party have rallied too quickly with the liberals. With Bill C-10 and the 2021 federal budget, both deserve more in-depth consideration.

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