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The festival of the Greeks under close watch

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On Friday and Saturday, a public health officer, escorted by police, conducted a site inspection. It was found that festival-goers generally respected safety instructions.

Genevieve Dion, from Quebec de Chaudière-Appalaches, reported that he counted about 680 people on Saturday. But people are scattered over the site, and they don’t all gather in the same place at the same time., she adds.

spokesperson Quebec A search was confirmed on Friday and a second on Saturday. He attended Radio Canada III which was held in the evening.

When the public health inspector goes to the Gaulois festival site to make sure health instructions are respected, he is accompanied by police officers from the Sûreté du Québec.

Photo: Radio Canada / Camille Carpentier

There was a slight discrepancy on Friday, corrected on Saturday, regarding the measurements in front of the two on-site street food trucks., refers to Genevieve Dion.

There were no signs in front of these trucks. According to Genevieve Dion, the one-meter distance under the two pavilions installed in front of the stage is not always respected and not everyone wears the mask.

The organizers vowed to memorize the instructions on the microphone several times. (…]So far, we feel excellent cooperation from the event organizers. It is to our complete satisfaction, Emphasizes.

Participants in this event oppose what they call excess health. Wearing masks, community confinement, vaccinating at all costs, and too little for them — even if so many experts ensure that these measures save lives.

The mayor of St. George, Claude Morin, ensures that undercover agents patrol the march. There is a policeman for every square foot! He points to the elected representative of the most important city in Beauce, an area that was hit hard, and which was most blamed, during the third wave of COVID, last spring.

Sûreté du Québec did not want to give any details about his operations related to the festival.

Despite the calm that prevails there, the noise surrounding the event disturbs many.

I find it sad for the BeauceronMayor Maureen denounces. Once again, we’re back to the front for the wrong reasons.

Everyone is against it, it’s crazy.

Quote from:Claude Morin, Mayor of Saint-Georges

Everything is done with respect

Earlier this week, a court forced the event’s organizers to ensure compliance with sanitary measures on site and leave the field open to police and CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches staff.

Outside the gathering, at least, festival-goers respect established rules, as emphasized by the mayor of Saint-Benois-Labri, Eric Roillard.

grizzly beard man

Mayor of Saint Benoit Labre, Eric Roillard

Photo: Radio Canada/Olivier Bouchard

After talking to the traders, the result was positiveSaturday morning, he said. Sanitary measures are observed everywhere, and everything is done with respect.

In the village grocery store, the experience of the past two days abounds in the same direction. Owner Hervé Paris has been ensuring that no one is violating health rules in his work since Thursday.

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We were told: Ah! People will come to your store without a mask and no hygiene measures.”Refers to the merchant. I would tell you that it is the opposite. People come here and wash their hands and take a mask. This is done with the greatest respect.

Smiling man in front of a grocery store

Hervé Paris, owner of Saint-Benoît-Labre . grocery

Photo: Radio Canada/Olivier Bouchard

Even if Mayor Roillard stressed that a march openly opposing government actions did not reflect the mindset or philosophy of Pius, he believed that everyone had a right to their opinions.

The ideal tourist event may not be to give a good reputation, but it is a tourist event. If people who come find out about the area and want to come back later, they are welcome.

Quote from:Eric Roillard, Mayor of Saint-Benois-Labrie

oil on fire

Public Health, Saturday morning, identifies 1,600 active cases of COVID across Quebec, or 0.02% of the population. Public Health allows outdoor gatherings of 15,000 people, provided a sanitary protocol approved by Public Health is followed during the event.

organize a similar gathering, It’s like putting gasoline back in the fire and the fire didn’t die, we know that! The mayor of Saint-Georges Claude Morin thundered. What message does this send to the health workers who have been on top for a year and a half? I don’t understand its logical meaning, what are they trying to prove?

Mayor of Saint-Georges Claude Morin

Mayor of Saint-Georges Claude Morin

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-Antoine Lavoie

Let them go home and get vaccinated, like everyone else!

Quote from:Claude Morin, Mayor of Saint-Georges

The Gaul Festival is scheduled to continue on Sunday. However, at the slightest violation, Public Health, with the support of the police, can put an end to the gatherings, and a court order is within reach.

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With information from Marie-Pierre Mercier and Camille Carpentier

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