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Konen dobr zprva – pes invisible

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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You can tell if he was really that good by the fact that there was almost no mention of him, I got to know him on Twitter on the server active But it doesn’t work. It is significant that 11 EU ministers, including R, formed a new nuclear alliance. The ministers responsible for energy met in Stockholm to discuss cooperation, joint production and training for women workers. They are the ministers of Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Hungary, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. We immediately note the absence of Germany and Austria. Yes, it was here that the irrational green ideology spoke, which caused the height of absurdity! Germany shuts down operating nuclear power plants and opens emergency coal in order to save the planet. History will someday be about the mass stupidity that caused millenniums of technological failure, development to stop, experts killed and confused, but they were not educated enough, only because nuclear power got the political cue for these forbidden technologies.

A lover of conspiracy theories will easily find a plot in them. However, the secret services must deal with this, and they must deal with it, monitoring and collecting reports, which politicians then dispose of and support the vision that we will get out of the energy crisis by having a solar power plant on every street. . It was not long ago when the great leader Mao ordered iron smelting in every human village, so that America made iron in the pot.

Again, what is a good first that is not based on conjecture and is real. Minister Josef Skela, who represented us in Stockholm, said the ministers were in complete agreement and supported the idea of ​​a nuclear alliance, when last year’s energy crisis made the need for stable and sustainable nuclear energy sources more expensive.

By the way, and the silence outside and the calm around him, we can appreciate Minister Skilla’s seemingly invisible act in turbulent times: he helped get gas and is now promoting a perspective, efficient and technically feasible method of obtaining compensation for coal, which is undoubtedly worth giving up As a source of energy with a great deal of gratitude, because without coal we would still be blazing with flames and bowing to living fires, as people have been doing for tens of thousands of years.

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