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The first reaction of the transitional authorities

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The first reaction of the Malian transitional authorities to the press release issued by the fifteen western partner countries of Mali about the presence of Wagner in the country. On Friday, December 24 in Bamako, a Higher Council of National Defense convened around the head of the transition, Colonel Asimi Guetta. The security situation and the development of measures to be taken were also touched upon, especially in the face of the reorganization of the Barkhane regime. On the sidelines of this meeting, the authorities, in a statement read out by national television, strongly denied ” Allegations of some partners About the presence of the Russian company Wagner.

With our correspondent in BamakoAnd Kaoru Magasa

It was just over eight in the evening, on a Friday in Mali, when a journalist joined the announcer on the national television newspaper. In front of the camera, he read a press statement from the authorities in response to the previous day’s condemnations from fifteen Western countries, including France, Britain, Germany and Canada, about the deployment of mercenaries from the Russian company Wagner.

to read Mali: International partners strongly condemn the publication of the Wagner Group

In the text, the government rejects these accusations, which it describes as rumours. These allegations “, the ” Requires proof from independent sources ».

to boost ” Capacity “Defense Forces, Malian State Only Admits to Participation” In a state-to-state partnership with the Russian Federation ».

As such, the government recognizes the presence of Russian trainers on its territory. In addition to the European Union Training Mission, the European Union Training Mission.

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For weeks, France, the European Union, the Group of West African States and the United States have been concerned about a possible rapprochement between financial authorities and private security firm Wagner.

Accused of abuses in several countries, including the Central African Republic, several partners deemed the deployment of mercenaries in Mali inconsistent with their presence in the country.

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