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The former communications director said Trump will run in 2024

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Several months ago, Donald Trump increased his public appearances and political rallies, fueling rumors of a run for the 2024 election.

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Well, according to former White House spokesman Sean Spicer, Trump will run in the next presidential election.

In an interview with Washington ExaminerTrump, who served as director of communications during Donald Trump’s presidency, says the latter would have already made up his mind.

According to Sean Spicer, Donald Trump has tested the waters a lot in recent months. The start of Joe Biden’s mandate and management of certain files, including immigration, would have persuaded Trump to try his luck in 2024.

Spicer claims that Donald Trump has already raised $102 million, in addition to losing weight.

“A few months ago, I wasn’t sure he’d turn up. Now I think it’s going to take a big shift to stop him being a candidate,” said Sean Spicer.

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