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The former White House attorney agreed to testify about Trump

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(Washington) Donald Trump’s former White House attorney agreed to testify two years later on charges of obstructing an investigation into Russian influence in the billionaire’s Republican campaign, US justice announced Wednesday.

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Don McGann, who was the White House attorney between 2017 and 2018, has so far evaded the House Judiciary Committee, which demanded that his testimony be heard after Mueller’s investigation of Moscow’s influence.

Democrat Jerry Nadler, chair of this committee, commented: “When the former president vowed to fight all the summons to his administration, he began an unprecedented and dangerous obstruction campaign.”

“Today we begin to put an end to this era of obstruction,” said the head of the committee behind the impeachment process that began against Donald Trump. It has been met with rejection by key witnesses such as Don McGann.

After nearly two years of extensive investigation, Attorney General Robert Mueller’s report fails to reveal any collusion between the Trump campaign team and the Russian force.

On the other hand, it showed that those close to Donald Trump had made numerous contacts with Russian mediators and that Russia had interfered in the presidential campaign with the intention of favoring the Republican candidate.

Among other handicapping facts, the Mueller report accuses Donald Trump of asking Don McGann to dismiss Attorney General Mueller from his position as special adviser to the Department of Justice in 2017, which he claimed Mr. McGann rejected.

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The court that announced Mr McGann’s much anticipated testimony on Wednesday said it would be held in secret, as per the agreement the attorney reached with the committee.

However, the verbatim text of the testimony will be made public.

Even if Mr. McGann confirms the former president’s attempts to block the case, the rest of the case against Donald Trump remains unclear.

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