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The global extension of Facebook Live Audio Rooms

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Launching live audio channels through Live Audio Rooms is an attractive concept. Available at iOS and Android, this feature allows Facebook to compete with Clubhouse.

They can now Participate in live shows on their computer. However, they will have to go through a dedicated mobile app to create a group. Administrators control exchanges between members with private and public options.

Short acoustics function for live sound rooms

Facebook just rolled out the short audio Soundbites feature to more users in the US. There is no announcement for France on this subject. This functionality is included in the users’ news feed. allowRecord a short audio clip In a separate tool within the application.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg describes Soundbites as Similar to Instagram’s Reel, but only for the sound. He says it is still in the early stages of development. Based on its success with users, it will soon be available globally.

Facebook recently got into the podcast business, but listening is still limited to the American audience. The company said it plans to expand its offering globally as part of a long-term vision. She wants to offer a pool experience together New opportunities to share social connections.

Facebook is improving moderation for its users

Frances HoganThe whistleblower accused the company of prioritizing its profits over the profits of its users. She revealed that the company’s research showed how harmful Instagram is to young people, especially girls.

Company Vice President Nick Clegg said over the weekend thatInstagram will introduce new features. They encourage users to take a break from the platform, which will be beneficial for them.

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The company thus confirms its commitment to moderating tools for social audio experiences. Thus, it provides tools that proactively identify content damage. Facebook hears like this Improved moderation of audio content Its Community Standards are violated within the Live Audio rooms.

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