The Government of Canada is providing additional funding to invest in Trade Corridor projects

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Vancouver, British Columbia, July 14. 2021 / CNW / – Government Canada Committed to strengthening trade lanes for Canada That help our economy, move the economy, and create good jobs for the middle class.

The Minister of Transport, Mr. Omar Al-Ghabra, announced today that the National Trade Corridors Fund has officially received additional funding of $1.9 billion, and that the projects can now be funded. Applications are currently being received and evaluated as part of the Fund’s ongoing call for proposals.

Fund ensures that the transmission network of the Canada It is well positioned to attract more private sector investment, reduce barriers to trade, and help businesses grow, create jobs, and stay competitive during the post-pandemic recovery. In addition, the fund builds long-term resilience and responds to urgent transportation needs in the Arctic and the Arctic by ensuring that at least 15% of revolving funding is allocated to this region.

Transport Canada He manages the National Trade Corridors Fund. This supports the improvement of roads, railways, air routes and sea routes Canada In order to promote national and international trade.

the quote
Such as Canada To overcome the pandemic, it is important that we support projects that create well-paying jobs for the middle class. By financing investments in our roads, railways, air routes, and sea routes, we will achieve the best possible return. Canada With our increasing competitiveness on a global scale.

Lunorable Omar Al-Ghubra
Minister of Transport

The facts in a nutshell

  • The 2021 budget provides an additional $1.9 billion for the National Trade Corridors Fund for strategic transportation investments across the country. Canada.
  • This new funding will be in addition to the $1.9 billion that has been committed to date for 89 projects nationwide through the National Trade Corridors Fund. With private and public sector partners joining the federal government with their own contributions, these projects represent investments totaling $3.9 billion.
  • Applicants who wish to inquire about Funding possibilities From their initiatives they are encouraged to contact Transport Canada representatives, who can provide them with information on the process.
  • The National Trade Corridors Fund is a merit-based program that helps infrastructure owners and users invest in critical infrastructure assets that support economic activity in the country. Canada. This is a long-term government commitment to work with stakeholders on strategic infrastructure projects.
  • The National Trade Corridors Fund is part of the $180 billion Investment Canada Plan, a strategy adopted by the Canadian government. Canada To meet long-term infrastructure needs.
  • Quality of transport infrastructure in التحتية Canada The efficiency of its trade corridors is essential to the success of Canadian businesses in the global marketplace.
  • in conglomerate Vancouver, the National Trade Corridors Fund is providing $374 million for 16 projects that will help make Canada’s busiest port a smoother road, rail and sea gateway. Thanks to the contributions of partners, the total investment was raised to $967 million to support trade and growth.
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