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$21.7 million to provide high-speed Internet access to more than 5,300 homes in the Capitale-Nationale region by September 2022

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Quebec, 14 July. 2021 / CNW / – With a total investment of $21.7 million, made as part of the Canada-Quebec High Speed ​​Operation, 5,320 households in the Capitale-Nationale region will have access to Vidotron’s high-speed internet services. September 2022.

Chairman of the Treasury Board and Member of the House of Representatives for the esteemed Quebec Corporation Jean-Yves Duclos, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Public Security and Civil Protection and Member of Louis Hebert, Juul Laitbault, Deputy Prime Minister of Qubec, Minister of Public Security, Minister in charge of the National Capital Region and Deputy Louis Hebert, Genevive Guilbault, Parliamentary Assistant to Prime Minister Qubec (High Speed ​​Internet Component) and DeputyOrford, Gilles Bellanger, Minister Plenipotentiary for Government Digital Transformation, Qubec, Minister Responsible for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information and Member of La Peltrie, Ric Caire, Parliamentary Assistant to Qubec’s Minister of Higher Education and Member of Parliament for Charlevoix-Cte-de-Biober, Millie Foster, MP about the territory portnovAnd the Vincent Caron, as well as Qubecor President and CEO, Pierre-Carl Bladeau, announced this today.

Vidotron will receive a total of $19.7 million from government levels to support the rollout of high-speed Internet services to 5,320 homes in the municipalities listed in the Appendix. The total cost of the project is $21.7 million. Over the next few weeks, Vidotron will conduct a count in the target areas to confirm the exact number of households that do not currently have high-speed internet access and which will therefore be covered by the roll-out of services.

High speed internet services are essential in a modern society like that of Quebec. This observation is the subject of a global consensus: digital technology and its corollary, connectivity, an efficient, reliable and affordable Internet service, are now at the heart of the economic and social development of societies. Canada-Qubec High Speed ​​Operation-funded projects are a key component of Qubec’s digital transformation and will enhance access to telemedicine, tele-education, entertainment, sales and online work.


This announcement represents a major advance in the Qubec Internet cause. With this partnership between Ottawa and Quebec, which also brings together ISPs, we will break down the technical barriers we have had to deal with since 2015. Together, we will ensure that every home and every business in the Capitale-Nationale region has high-speed Internet access by September 2022. ?
– Chairman of the Treasury Board and a member of the House of Representatives for Quebec. Jean-Yves Duclos

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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that it has never been more important to connect all Quebecers to high-speed internet. That is why our government is investing to connect homes and businesses in the Quebec region by the fall of 2022. Through this announcement, and thanks to our good cooperation with the Qubec government, we are increasing the potential for economic growth and helping to improve the quality of life for Quebec residents throughout Quebec.
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety and Civil Protection and Member of Parliament for Lewis Hebert, Juul Lightbound

High-speed Internet has become the primary way to get information, work, study, enjoy and communicate. We’ve seen this over and over again over the past few months. With this announcement, your government is showing that it is continuing its commitment to connecting all Quebecers in just over a year. This is excellent news for nearly 5,500 homes in the Capitale-Nationale area.
– Deputy Prime Minister of Qubec, Minister of Public Security and Minister in charge of the Capitale-Nationale Region and Member of Parliament for Louis-Hbert, Genevive Guilbault

I am proud to join my colleagues in announcing that 5,320 households in the greater Capitale-Nationale area will have access to Vidotron high-speed Internet services by September 2022. This is another step towards our goal of providing reliable and affordable access to high-speed services Performance Services, everywhere in Qubec. We are investing heavily to allow Qubec to be a leader in connectivity.
– Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister Qubec (High Speed ​​Internet Component) and DeputyOrfordJill Blaanger

This is excellent news for riding La Peltrie. By September 2022, not only municipalities Fossambolt sur le lacAnd the lac st josephAnd the Saint Catherine de la Jacques Cartier and Shannon will be fully serviced by high speed internet, but this will also be the case for all Qubec. I am proud of the concrete actions our government has taken, and we honor our commitments.
Minister Delegate for Government Digital Transformation at Qubec, Minister Responsible for Information Access and Protection of Personal Information and La Peltrie Member, Rick Cairo

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I am very proud to participate in this much awaited announcement by my fellow citizens. Access to high-speed Internet is more essential than ever for the economic growth of businesses in Charlevoix and the Côte de Beauper, but also for citizens. With the announcement of these investments today, we will achieve the goal of connecting all homes with this service that has become essential in a modern society.
Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Higher Education of Quebec and Member of Parliament for Charlevois-cote-de-Beauper, Millie Foster

With As a pandemic, we’ve recently seen the importance of a good internet connection, especially for work or school at home. With this announcement, we are not only increasing the economic growth potential of a circle portnov, but we also help improve the quality of life in Pont-Rougeois and Pont-Rougeois.
– Le dput Provincial de portnovAnd the Vincent Caron

It is Vedotron’s pride to be chosen to connect the homes of the region with high speed internet. Thanks to this announcement, the entire Capitale-Nationale region will now have high-speed Internet access. By September 2022, 5,320 new families will be able to benefit from the best communication services, the best services as well as the best prices.
– Qubecor President and CEO, Pierre Carl Bladeau

The facts in a nutshell

  • The high-speed operation will connect 150,000 homes, including through unprecedented agreements with six of the largest telecom operators. This was made possible by an investment, equal parts, of $826.3 million by governments Canada and Qubec.
  • Government Canada Billions of dollars have been earmarked for internet infrastructure in rural and remote areas, including $2.75 billion from the Global Broadband Fund, including $1 billion from the 2021 budget.
  • On March 9, the Qubec government announced that it had raised more than $1 billion in its budget to speed up the connection of thousands of homes in Quebec to high-speed internet.
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Annex?: Canada-Quebec High Speed ​​Process – List of Municipalities Targeted by the Vidotron Project in the Capitale-Nationale Region

MRC de la Jacques-Cartier:

Fossambolt sur le lac
lac st joseph
Saint Catherine de la Jacques Cartier

MRC de Portneuf:

pont rouge

The Metropolitan Society of Quebec:

San Agustin de Desmores

MRC de la Cte-de-Beaupr:

Saint Ferrol-les-Niges
San Tete has hats

MRC de Charlevoix:

By St Paul
San Hilarion
San Urban

MRC de Charlevoix-Est:

By Saint Catherine

no malbay

Mount Lay
Notre Dame de Mont
Saint Aim de Lax

Saint Earn

San Simon سي


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