The Government of Canada publishes its final decision on the Laurentia Project: the Qubec Port Deepwater Pier

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Ottawa, ONJune 29, 2021 / CNW / – Government Canada Determined to develop the maritime transport sector in Canada And creating good middle-class jobs, he understands that a thriving economy and a healthy environment must go hand in hand.

After a rigorous and comprehensive environmental assessment, the Impact Assessment Agency Canada (Agency) concluded in Environmental Assessment Report that Laurentia Project: Qubec Port Deepwater Pier – Sector Beauport They are likely to cause significant adverse environmental impacts on fish and fish habitats, air quality and human health, socio-economic conditions, and the current use of land and resources for traditional purposes by people.

In light of these conclusions, and by virtue of Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (2012) (LCEE 2012), Honor Jonathan WilkinsonThe Minister of Environment and Climate Change referred the project to the governor in his council to determine whether the significant negative environmental impacts were justified under these circumstances. After a detailed review of the relevant and available information, the Governor in Council determined that the potential direct and cumulative negative effects of Project Laurentiane could not be justified under the circumstances.

Today, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change issued a Announcement Announcement This effect, under CEAA 2012.

As this decision applies to the Laurentia project, it does not prevent the Qubec Port Authority from submitting new project proposals nor does it rule out any potential development. Any proposals will be evaluated according to Impact Evaluation Law which entered into force in August 2019. Government Canada It will continue to support port authorities and the maritime sector across the country to stimulate growth and create jobs in a sustainable manner.

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Government Canada I would like to thank all participants for their valuable comments Submitted Throughout the environmental assessment process, in addition to the various experts for their sound scientific advice. This information enabled the agency to write a rigorous environmental assessment report, and with this information the governor in the council was able to make a clear decision.

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Impact Evaluation Agency Canada Conducting a comprehensive environmental assessment that highlighted the potential for the project to have significant negative environmental impacts on a number of valuable components associated with the project, many of which would be irreversible. Government Canada You must make decisions based on the best available scientific knowledge while balancing economic and environmental considerations. This was a difficult decision, but it is the right one because we aim to grow the economy and protect the environment for future generations.

– Lunorable Jonathan WilkinsonMinister of Environment and Climate Change

quick Facts

  • The project, proposed by the Qubec Port Authority, is an expansion of an existing quay to allow the operation of a deep water containerized general cargo terminal at Qubec Port. The project also includes the development of a new quay and a retainer, which will allow the development of an additional 17 hectares of space behind the quay, as well as the construction of railways and roads.
  • The Laurentia project is one of five port terminal expansion projects in Qubec that have been proposed in recent years. two of These projects are currently the subject of a federal environmental assessment by the agency. Two more, namely the port terminal expansion project مشروع Contrecoeur The offshore terminal project on the north shore of Saguenay was approved in March 2021 and In October 2018, respectively, after the Minister concluded following environmental assessments that these projects were not likely to cause significant negative environmental impacts.
  • Extensive consultations took place with local communities and indigenous groups at all stages of the environmental assessment. Seven groups participated in the operation, financing more than 220 $000 To support their participation in the various stages of the review.
  • The agency has conducted a rigorous, science-based federal environmental assessment. Experts from over fifteen federal and provincial government ministers participated in the process, providing advice and technical expertise throughout the project review period.
  • The ministers, agencies and bodies that gave this advice are Pches et Ocans Canadaenvironment and climate change Canada, Natural Resources CanadaCanada Transportation, Canada Gardens, St Canadaand the Laurentian Guidance Authority, the Canadian Coast Guard and the Quebec Minister of Environment and Climate Change Control.
  • The views of members of the public and potentially affected communities were collected and considered. The agency consulted extensively throughout the environmental assessment, and provided four formal opportunities for the public to provide comments and feedback. Over 800 comments were submitted, by individuals and groups. These valuable comments have been carefully reviewed, documented and taken into account in preparing the Environmental Assessment Report.
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