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The government reveals its new policy in Quebec regarding the Canadian Francophonie

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Promoting Francophone culture

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A new policy to promote Francophone culture.

This policy will make it possible to further strengthen the French language and Francophone culture as well as help maintain the strength of Francophone societies. The provincial government also proposes several measures that would highlight the contribution of French speakers to society and the economy and that would promote a better mutual knowledge of the Francophone and Quebec communities.

new measures

The policy stipulates that Quebec Francophonie Day be established. Minister Leibel will propose to Parliament that it be celebrated on March 22 of each year. This date will now be an opportunity for Quebecers to learn more about the reality of French-speaking people in Canada and to remember the pioneering role played by the nation of Quebec. March 22 is the birthday of writer Gabrielle Roy, whose life and work illustrate the strength and permanence of the bonds that unite Quebecers with all the French-speaking people of Canada.

The government will also introduce a distinctive sign of Francophone pride: the designation of “the Francophone official”. Organizations, companies and event organizers from across Canada who are committed to doing more to promote the use of the French language will be encouraged to use it. This aims to enhance their contribution to the vitality of the French language and to enhance their visibility with francophones, citizens, tourists and businesses seeking services in the French language.

The new policy also states that the Center for Francophonie for Americans (CFA), jointly with the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA), will be responsible for organizing the Canadian Francophonie annual meetings. Through these meetings, the Quebec government wants to maintain an active and lasting dialogue between Quebecers and Francophones from elsewhere in the country. The first of these meetings will be held in Quebec City on May 9-10.

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Finally, to better support the mobilization efforts of Quebecers and Francophones in Canada, Quebec will double its financial support by 2024-2025 for an additional investment of $8 million over 3 years, totaling $24.5 million.

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