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“The Grave” on Salto is an intriguing series between thrillers and science fiction

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Long invisible here, Israeli series appear regularly on our television screens, via traditional channels or broadcast platforms. The last of them is called “The Grave”, and it has been available since Thursday in Salto. We owe it to producer and director, Omri Givon, who is presented as the star of the “show makers” in his country, and who may have kept his name by those who appreciated two of his previous novel: “The Hostages”, was seen on the + channel, where the Jarrah family was forced To the prime minister’s operation as a hostage, and “When the Heroes Fly,” the story of four former soldiers who come together to explain a mysterious disappearance, was found on Netflix, and awarded at Canneseries 2018.

Wonderful drama

Under the somewhat standard title of “grave” (grave, in French) hides an intriguing plot, symbols of excitement and excitement are used to tell us a story that ultimately comes from the purest of science. Imagination. Three skeletons discovered in a nature reserve in northern Israel during an earthquake. The problem: Not only are the three individuals killed with a bullet in the head, but in addition, their DNA matches that of the people who are still alive, who do not have a twin!

After two episodes defining squares in the thriller, “The Grave” from the third installment of the film makes a clear turn towards science fiction, through a dramatic development. But also thanks to the various little clues scattered around here and there, like the name of this shady company, which will speak to those who have some physics concepts or read Science & Vie.

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Second season in writing

But the main thing, as with any good story, is the characters. Those in the “grave” have been depicted very well. We relate to the protagonist, Joel (played by Nadav Nets), who lost his wife in a car accident, raises his young son alone, and has – at first – no idea why a corpse’s DNA could be matched. In contrast, Chava is a police inspector (played by Michel Kalman) who knows how to show humanity, with an appearance that is not disturbed, but who can also send his hierarchy. Two actors who seem loyal to Omri Givon, as they have already appeared in the aforementioned series.

While the latter episodes seem to lead to a conclusion where all the sideplots meet, the ending leaves many questions unanswered. The door is open for a possible second season, especially since “The Tomb” won a very good audience in Israel? During an interview with the American Trade Magazine diverseOmri Jivon said he was using the booking to work on the rest of the series. “I have the whole story in my head. I know exactly what the next step will be and what will happen in Season Two.”

Editor’s rating: 4/5

“Grave”An Israeli series written by Omri Givon with Nadav Nets, Michel Kalman and Liana Ion … 8 x 45 million. On Salto.

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