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The Liberals are ready for the Battle of Marie-Victorian

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I’m out of the closet! Previously, I was afraid to give myself a political identity, recognizes a person who has become a member of PLQ last spring.

Paul’s University in Ottawa, Emily Nolett specializes in inclusive leadership. She founded her own consulting business on Inclusion, Diversity, and Employment Equity. I jumped into politics because it was packedShe said, at the suggestion of Dominic Engled.

« The fact that I came out of the closet as a liberal by joining Mrs. Engled’s team is well thought out. »

Quote from Emily Nollet, Liberal Candidate

Ms Nollet met the Liberal leader a few years ago at a non-partisan event at the Institut de Nouveau Monde in Montreal, while Dominique Englade was Minister of Economy in Philippe Couillard’s government.

This meeting was notable for her: she [Dominique Anglade] He said, “If you don’t get involved in politics, who will?” And I’m the kind of person in the room who, if no one volunteers, will stand up. I planted the seed and thought about it, related to Emily Nollet.

The 34-member Liberal Congress of Quebec (PLQ) is meeting in Quebec this weekend.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boasino

When I find her powerful, intelligent, and inspiring, I tell myself that this is the kind of model I want in politics., she adds.

off the ride

The Liberal Candidate does not live riding in Marie-Victorine (Longueuil), but lives in Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne (Montreal).

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But she says she is concerned about the boycott issues she wants to be represented in the National Assembly. Marie Victorine, I really believe in that. I am concerned about the rising cost of living. In Marie-Victorian, there are young families and the elderly who have been hard hit by this increase., she explained.

Announcement scheduled for Sunday

The Liberals will take advantage of the offer of the Liberal Congress to be held in Quebec this weekend to present their candidate. She will take the podium on Sunday at the conclusion of the event, surrounded by the leader and all liberal MPs.

An opportunity for the party to prove that there is zeal in defending the party’s colors, even in a constituency where the only liberal victory dates back to 1984.

We are ready and we have ideas to propose and there are people interested in politics in our political formation., confirms liberal leader Dominic Engled, who intends to get involved in the campaign.

« I will be very present at the election of Marie-Victorian. »

Quote from Dominique Engled, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec

Only one showroom is known

Emily Nollet knows only one of her opponents, ex-NDP MP Pierre Nantel, who runs under the PQ banner.

The Parti Québécois is trying to regain the constituency it lost after the defection of MP Catherine Fournier, who became independent in the National Assembly a few months after the 2018 elections.

Since then, the 29-year-old politician has been elected mayor of Longueuil, forcing a by-election.

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Prime Minister François Legault has previously stated that he will launch by-elections in Marie-Victorian after the holidays. At the moment, a file is available CAQ She has not yet revealed her candidate.

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