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The minus is that Microsoft uses development kits for Halo Infinite

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The shortage of controllers affects everyone, even their manufacturer. During the official Halo Infinite tournament, Microsoft found itself running out of Xbox Series X and had to make development kits available to participants.

The shortage of semiconductors affects all sectors. It has been going on since 2020 and should not be settled for a while. Thus, it is difficult to get one of the new consoles, which is PS5 and the Xbox X/S. same Microsoft is struggling to provide its official tournaments!

Kotaku tells the story. Microsoft is currently organizing a big tournament around its game infinite auranewly released. Dubbed the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021, it takes place in North Carolina and brings together the best players who compete against each other. The tournament takes place on Xbox Series X. Therefore, all participants must be equipped.

Microsoft is struggling to get hold of the Xbox Series X.

But now, hundreds of Xbox is hard to find in these times of scarcity…even for Microsoft! Faced with difficulties in equipping themselves, Redmond had an original idea: Involve some players in development groups. It’s the esports director at 343 Industries (the studio behind Halo) who sold the fuse on Twitter.


As a reminder, developer kits are modded versions of the console meant for developers. They do not have the same design as conventional machines and therefore can surprise the participants. However, players assigned to this version are not at a disadvantage. settled in “retail” mode, Which means it works just like the regular Xbox Series X. Thus, the equipped contenders have every chance to win a part of the promised 250 thousand dollars for the best.

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The shortage of ingredients has been going on for over a year now and Work is expected to run through 2023, according to Intel. Some competitors, such as Qualcomm and AMD are less strict, suggesting that concerns should be resolved as early as 2022. optimistic forecast. In any case, this deficiency affects not only the field of video games, where computers, smartphones and even cars are affected.

source : Kotaku

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