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The most important games of the week released #47 2021

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Jillian Castillo
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As with new movies, most of which are released on Wednesdays in France, new iOS games generally appear on the App Store on Thursdays. So, like every week, on this day, we present to you A selection of the best new iPhone and iPad games.

In this new installment, there are definitely some great surprises, like the ones in the previous list to find therelike Jumanji to download there, in my shadow Available here Or even the last stronghold Available there on the App Store.

We offer you what appears to us to be the highest quality. Anyway, some games are free and can be tested easily. So, don’t wait to make your own decision! Feel free to come back to read us regularly so you don’t miss out on any news about gaming on iOS and more.

our choice


  • Describe :Classic mechanics, but still attractive. Blow up the hero, a toast in this case, just in time to raise him as high as possible
  • Love : easy to learn
  • Download Link : to download there

Afterlife Ghostbusters: Fear

  • Describe : Sensitive spirits abstain, this title invites you to do a ghost hunt in augmented reality, in your home, garden, or anywhere else outside
  • Love : The right combination of augmented reality and ghost hunting
  • Download Link : to recover there

Super Mumbo Quest

  • Describe : Old school adventure game, with 2D progression and lots of enemies to fight. Items to collect and combos to master to become the hero of a crazy adventure
  • Love : Fireworks display of color and movement
  • Download Link : Available in the app store
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  • Describe : Explore 120 levels in this simple style puzzle. Enjoy simple, beautifully sounded graphics, and spin your mind to succeed in all the challenges that this new gem of a video game has to offer.
  • Love : Atmosphere is calm and relaxing
  • Download Link : Here in the App Store

rob riches

  • Describe : Control a little bunny who can jump and cling to walls. Avoid many traps and enemies in dozens of levels, each more difficult than the next, all in a retro atmosphere.
  • Love : Fun instantly, without fuss
  • Download Link : There in the App Store

You’ve tested new products, graded or not, feel free to share your feedback with the community in the comments!?

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