The most isolated bus station in North America is located in Quebec

Quebec easily won the worst bus stop competition against a competitor from Staten Island, New York.

The 1997 DC disaster garnered 70% of the votes for its US opponent, 857.

The official name of our local station was “Quebec City Car Dealership”.

After crushing his opponent from Queens in the second round, a shocking stop in Quebec made it to the semi-finals of the competition to finally be crowned champion in the final.

Streetsblog USA hosts an annual competition for US “Saddest” bus stations.

It was a station on Frank Carrel Street, in Quebec City, opposite the Futura window and door business, which the blog’s editors kept, despite its geographic location.

“The phenomenon of bad bus stops knows no boundaries, and frankly, the stops in Quebec that were given to us were so poor that they could not be missed!” Blog editor Kea Wilson explained last week.

On a previous tour, M.I Wilson was impressed by the participation of netizens during the Quebec-Queens conflict: “the top of this competition.”

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