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The municipality of Landrienne wants to buy the church of Saint-Barnabé

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The factory wants to sell the building, which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and maintain as the pandemic spreads and incomes drop.

When the epidemic arrived, we cut everything, and there were no longer room rents, there was a post office in the priest and a room for nurses used by the municipality. With the pandemic, we closed everything down and we didn’t [plus aucun] Income, excluding the rent of an elderly person. The first time was difficult. But when we opened our doors again, we noticed a huge drop in attendance, perhaps fear. The second shutdown was disastrous for us. Practically zero incomesays Factory President Jacques Peron.

The solution according to the factory is to sell the building to the municipality for a symbolic dollar to install municipal services there while keeping a portion for worship.

For Jacques Peron, it is a way to preserve the municipality’s urban heritage.

Our church will be partly preserved and there will be another part for other municipal services. This will allow us to not have to pay heating and municipal costs to save the building. If the municipality takes this, we will preserve the built heritage of all the citizens of Landrienne, and they will not lose their buildings instead of sending them to a private company that will do something with it, their goal is not the same. That is why next Tuesday we welcome the citizens of the church to present the project to see if they will accept it.says the person who has been the head of the plant for more than forty years.

Mayor Jay Barrell believes the municipality, which also wants to protect the building and ensure its longevity, will also benefit from it.

This is the location that has been chosen for the relocation of the municipal library and the church’s community hall will be used exclusively during emergency procedures.

The Municipal Library is currently located in the Town Hall, which also includes the Golden Age Room and its Municipal Services, but our offices have become too small and are no longer functional.explains the mayor.

This is where the community organizations that provide services to citizens are located.

The mayor explains that during the meeting on Tuesday, the municipality will explain it What does this purchase mean, what will the costs be, and what will it represent in the tax bill of citizens. We will give people the right information. We do this in an information session, because the final decision to buy the building, if all goes well with the discussions with Fabrique and the Archdiocese on the agreement, will have to be taken in the ordinary session of the municipality on April 12.

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