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The mysterious “cube hut” on the far side of the moon is a rabbit…

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Hut ? Strange artifact? Arc de Triomphe…? This strange cube shape was spotted on the horizon by rover The Lunar Yutu-2 threw a lot of talk about it once its discovery was announced a month ago. For the teams of astronomical vehicles that I tried from China, the curiosity was stronger, and the temptation was too great to see what it was up close. But for that, they had to wait a bit for the machine to come out of it sleeping In the night of the frozen moon. end of December 2021, Yuto-2 He was heading towards and this mysterious structure was erected on Far side of the moon.

Here’s the thing, on January 6, after hours of work, the “pilots” found out on their screens what it was: a large pebble … a pebble placed on the edge of a small impact pit. It was a disappointment. It has nothing to do with the Arc de Triomphe or any other building, as has been widely speculated. One of the pilots shouted that it was Yutu, the famous jade rabbit in Chinese mythology. And indeed, upon closer inspection, we ended up seeing a rabbit, and From Turn around, turn right facing Soleil. and maybe a carrot in front of him, and a few pearls in the back.

Perhaps everyone will be a little disappointed, but in any case, this story was, in small leaps, very productive for the rover that did well, as her team explained. After this discovery, Yutu-2 had just crossed the symbolic 1,000-meter barrier we had walked since arriving three years ago. And the adventure isn’t over yet.

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What is this cubic structure depicted on the far side of the moon?

Subject Natalie Mayer Posted on December 11, 2021

the Chinese rover Yutu-2 Landed on the hidden side of the moon In January 2019. Since then he travels relentlessly to Contrition The lunar part of the von Karmann crater. And on his journey, he already drew attention to a kind of « jelly Bright ” Which turned out to be nothing but molten rock as a result of the effect of ameteor.

This time around, Yutu-2 has detected an object whose shape is strange to say the least. A cube appears on the northern horizon, about 80 meters from the machine, still athuge volcano crater Von Karmann.

Intrigued, the scientists chose to steer the rover toward this strange object. And you will approach it in the next two or three lunar days – roughly two or three months from Earth. By being careful to avoid the numerous potholes in its path. And always depends only on energy Solar energy for progress. All in the hope of making light about the nature of this cubic object. Perhaps simply a huge boulder that was also excavated bymeteor effect.

Quite simply, but interesting nonetheless. Because this cube can represent a modern effect and thus allowsAstronomy scientists To study the composition of the moon closely.

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