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Taliban calls for humanitarian aid without ‘political bias’

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The Taliban movement, on Friday, called on the international community to send emergency humanitarian aid to Afghanistan “without any political bias”, as the recent bad weather conditions have further complicated the living conditions of Afghans.

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Since the fall of the former Afghan government backed by the United States and its allies in mid-August, Western countries have cut off the aid taps that have kept the country afloat and billions of dollars in Afghan assets have been frozen.

The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan is on the brink of one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters, with more than half of 38 million Afghans at risk of starvation, according to several international NGOs.

With many southern districts affected by floods and snowfall over parts of northern and central Afghanistan, the Taliban’s deputy chief minister on Friday requested assistance from the international community in a video.

“In various places at the moment, people do not have food, shelter, warm clothes or money,” Abdul Ghani Baradar said in a message broadcast by public media.

“The world must support the Afghan people without any political bias and fulfill their humanitarian obligations,” Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar added.

According to him, the bad weather further complicated the “already sensitive situation” of the Afghan people, even if he confirmed that the Taliban was ready to face this “emergency situation”.

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” Do not forget “

“We ask the international community, NGOs and all countries not to forget our poor,” Mr. Baradar continued.

And while the Taliban have repeatedly called for the thawing of stranded assets and the return of aid, this is the first direct call for help from a prominent leader in the face of the humanitarian crisis.

Kabul, which has not seen regular snow in recent years, has since Tuesday been covered in a thick white coat that has paralyzed the city for some time.

Several major hubs have been cut across the country and heavy rain including snowfall is still expected in the coming days, according to weather services reported by Afghan media.

No country has yet recognized the Taliban government, and the international community is trying to find ways to provide assistance without backing the regime.

In December, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that would facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan for a year, a move the Taliban described as a “good step”.

The 57 countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have promised to set up a voluntary fund and try to free up part of the country’s assets.

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