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The Nevers series on the OCS, Victorian Melodrama, and Contemporary Science Fiction

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OCS CITY – Mon, Apr 12 8:40 PM – Series

Let’s start by pretending nothing is happening. As if Joss Whedon, an innovator Nevers, It was not thrown to the bottom of its pedestal by a series of revelations about “informal cruelty” toward the performers and collaborators who contributed to the series. (Buffy the Vampire SlayerAnd the fireflyAnd the Marvel: Shield Agents) And movies (The cabin is in the woodsAnd the The AvengersWho made him famous.

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In November 2020, two years after this was announced Nevers His most ambitious project would be, and a few weeks after filming for the first ten episodes finished (filming was long paused due to the pandemic), Jos Weddon gave up his place as an opponent of British Philippa Gosslet and announced that he was halting his career.

Aside from this tortured formation, the first four episodes of Nevers (Season 1 of it will air in two parts, six and four episodes each) is as rich in promise as it is in danger. It mixes Western and Space opera (firefly) Or vampire and teenageAl-ShahbaWhedon has always practiced crossbreeding with a zeal close to fanatic. This time, it’s all about implanting some of the genes of contemporary science fiction in the Victorian fantasy world.

A transforming orphanage

In the final years of British sovereignty, after an unknown flying object flew over London, women found themselves gifted with supernatural traits ranging from prior knowledge to gigantism, mastery of electrical flows and linguistic language. These transsexuals – nicknamed “Nevers”, banned from a society based on its patriarchal values, undoubtedly because they should never have appeared – meet in an orphanage run by Amalia True (Laura Donnelly), the slender brutality able to see the future by Penance Adair ( Anne Skelly), a genius who was able to invent electric cars, miniature recorder and hi-fi system a few decades before their time.

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If the camp of the good guys is clearly and forcefully drawn, the camp of the bad guys is teeming with a confused mass of creatures that are often as disturbing as they are terrifying. A decadent young aristocrat rubbing his shoulders with the pillar of the Empire, the King of the Underworld competes with a mutant who has become a serial killer. They all have only one goal: to enslave Nevers by cutting off the head of the only institution protecting them, the orphanage in Amalia and At-Tawbah. He arrived at the end of Episode 4, and it is still difficult to discern the common interests underlying this alliance, which will not spoil the ghost train.

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