The NHL admits it was wrong

The National Hockey League (NHL) admitted to a mistake by refusing to score a goal for the Buffalo Sabers on Friday night in a duel against the New York Rangers.

In the last minute of the third half, Viktor Olofsson hit the goal and helped his team equalize. However, that feat was reversed, as an offside in the line was judged.

The NHL denied the matter Saturday in a statement. In it, Vice President Colin Campbell explained that the original decision, which was a target, had to stand because video replays “couldn’t determine with certainty” that the saber was in an offside position.

“In cases where a video replay cannot definitively determine the game, it is the league’s policy to adhere to the initial decision on the ice,” the tour leader added.

The loss to the Blueshirts was the sixth in a row for the Sabers, who have experienced nothing but happiness by winning three times in their last 20 games.

After the controversial end of the match, coach Don Granato seemed to want to contain his emotions.

“I can’t bear to be emotional about it. I can’t even think about it. There are things that are out of my control. You have to tell yourself the league knows what it’s doing and it’s moving forward,” he told a news conference.

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