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The pollution will have an effect on the size of the penis

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by Maya Duval

Warning: air pollution can have an effect on the penis! Important information that we decided to focus on.

Epidemiologist Shanna Swan is raising the alarm about the impact of pollution on human fertility and penis size.

Pollution disrupts reproduction

In his new work entitled “countdown(Countdown in English), famous professor Shanna Swan explains Harmful consequences That pollution could occur on the genitals. A big problem that could have an impact on future generations.

In polluted airThere is a mixture of chemical components that are particularly harmful to humans. In fact, the list is long: among these toxic ingredients we find, for example, food, cosmetic or textile ingredients, but also factory rejects. Especially aggressive substances for humans.

In addition to harming our planet, our seas and our oceans, These products will have a direct impact on human health.

Sperm volume and penis: What are the implications?

Irene Brockovich, in an article published in the prestigious health department of guardianWork quotes by Shana Swan. These accentuate the drop in Sperm production In humans who live in a polluted environment. More than a worrying case, it could lead to the extinction of humanity, if nothing changes.

In parallel, he noted Penis size It can be affected by pollution. a study; Conducted and published by Shana Swan in 2017, it demonstrates how chemicals can “shrink” penis size.

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In fact, according to the expert, many deformities or “narrowing” of the genitals of infants have been observed in recent years.

In our video at the top of the article, discover 5 misconceptions about pollution!

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