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The report concluded that the Grassy Mountain coal project is not in the public interest

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According to the review committee, the project Not in the public interest.

The commission’s decision reflects the Alberta Energy Regulatory Agency’s commitment (airMake decisions in the public interest that are based on evidence and take into account risks, says the President and CEO of the companyair.

Meanwhile, Benga, a subsidiary of Australia’s Riversdale Resources, says it is reviewing the joint review panel’s report to better understand its findings.

The Company will consult with its legal advisors to consider its options and move forward, refers to a press release.

environmental influences

The Canadian government states on its website that the commission’s findings indicate that the project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental impacts on surface water quality and the Westslope trout and its habitat. Biodiversity.

The project will also have significant negative impacts on the natural and cultural heritage of some First Nations.

Interrupt support

In a joint written statement, Alberta Energy Secretary Sonia Savage and Alberta Environment Secretary Jason Nixon said they respect the joint review panel’s recommendation.

All coal project proposals undergo rigorous reviews to ensure that their development is safe, environmentally responsible and meets all requirements. In this case, this process worked as it should.They say.

Protecting our land and water remains critical to the development of our natural resources, they add.

the opposition Comfortable

In a press release, opposition environmental spokesperson Marilyn Schmidt said rejecting the project demonstrates the importance of studying the impact of all projects holistically.

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Project rejected grass mountain By the Joint Review Committee clarifies that we can no longer examine each project individually, He said.

NDP Representative Heather McPherson is pleased and relieved by the announcement.

This is an important victory for Albertans and is the direct result of the intervention of hundreds of Albertans and Canadians who have expressed concerns about the profound effects this coal mine would have on our water, land and wildlife. grass mountainShe said in a statement.

The report of the Joint Review Committee was submitted to Federal Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Jonathan Wilkinson.

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