The resumption of the Noël chez nous festival in Rivière du Lobe

The organizers of the last festival admit that they have done everything over the past year to reduce expenses for the event, which had a shortfall of $25,000.

city ​​and MRC Rivière-du-Loup has agreed to repay more than 75% of the debt. These two bodies also confirmed that they would support the event for the next three years.

For the spokesperson for the Relaunch Committee, Benoît Ouellet, this assistance allows the festival to start over on new grounds. He also wants to restore relations with various organizations.


Benoît Ouellet is the spokesperson for the relaunch committee of the Noël chez nous festival in Rivière du Lobe.

Photo: Radio Canada/Patrick Bergeron

Some of the decisions taken by the previous organizing committee were not unanimous. I think it is important now to clear the history and start the event on a fresh basis. »

Quote from Benoît Ouellet, spokesperson for the Resuscitation Committee

The program will be announced in just two weeks, but the redemption committee is already indicating that more space will be made for local craftsmen.

During the festival last year, a survey was conducted to see how much festival-goers were interested. The conclusions of this probing and the round tables that were organized in the following months confirmed the interest of the residents of the Gaza Strip to preserve the event.

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