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The Russian pensioner was reported to have praised Zelensky’s appearance and intelligence at the restaurant. I got a big fine

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A 70-year-old Russian woman is in trouble with the law over allegations by three people who overheard her argument with a waitress at the sanatorium of the Federal Prison Service in the southern Russian health city of Nalchik. She reported the case on Tuesday on her channel on Instagram cable Russian Memorial Organization for Human Rights.

According to this source, it all started at a dinner in a restaurant, where Muscovites sat at the same table with a woman originally from Odessa, Ukraine.

After a casual conversation about the correct Ukrainian pronunciation of “paljanicja” (bread), Slin asked another man at the table a tough question about whether he supported Russia or Ukraine.

After dinner, the waitress Natalya Zakharova came to the table, and the cheerful pensioner began to ask her if she knew the word “palanicia” and who she supported. Zakharova guessed that Zelensky was “disgusting”.

Zelenskyj is a handsome young man with a great sense of humor, and everyone was laughing at his jokes

“Zelinsky is a handsome young man with a good sense of humor, everyone was laughing at his jokes,” Slighenova replied, and went on to ask if Ukrainians in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic (where Nalchik is located) also shout glory to Ukraine. in Moscow.

The dispute occurred in December last year. While in Nalchik, a plainclothes investigator visited the pensioner in her room and urged her not to leave the spa, he previously reported on his website. Memorial.

I’ll tell my mother too, the Russian girl promised the general during the recitation


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