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An Italian resort offers an exotic base. Tourists will be penalized for being late

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The picturesque Italian city of Portofino, which is located in the Liguria region, is visited by a huge number of tourists every year. This also brings undesirable effects. For example, the fact that congestion is created in the most attractive places. Therefore, the municipal administration issued a decree allowing the imposition of fines for delay in the so-called red zones.

Controversial decree of Portofino Mayor Matteo Fiacava, according to the Italian news agency I forget He commented that the city belongs to everyone, so it is not fair to limit the number of visitors. “But it is a gem that must be respected,” he added. That is why the city administration has introduced the so-called red zones, which are located in the most attractive places for tourists.

In these areas, the idling ban now applies. This means that tourists can walk there or have a coffee in the place, but they cannot stop and block the flow of pedestrians and traffic. Strange-looking measures target tourists who take pictures in these attractive places for their social networks, thus causing traffic jams.

The new rules also prohibit parking in places with a high concentration of people.

note Corriere della Sera Specifies that red areas include, for example, the area between Piazza Martiri Olivetta and Pier Umberto I. Another red area is in the harbor between the dock and the Da Vince rental boat there.

Violation of the rules is punishable by a fine of between 68 and 275 euros, roughly 1,500 to 6,500 crowns.

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The city does not specify the length of time that is considered a delay. Mayor, however, to the newspaper times He stressed that the measure does not aim to discourage tourists from visiting the resort and does not prevent people from taking pictures. “The goal is not to make this place more exclusive, but to allow everyone to enjoy our beauty,” he said.

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