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The Samsung Galaxy S22 release date was never confirmed

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be launched around January or February 2022.

3D rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra by LetsGoDigital.

3D rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra by LetsGoDigital. // Source: LetsGoDigital – Parvez Khan

series Samsung Galaxy S22 He never ceases to associate the most contradictory leaks. ready for His photo module, several theses conflict : In a drop of water or in a single block, in the form of a P or 11 … Now the launch date itself falls into uncertainty.

according to Sam MobileThe Samsung Galaxy S22 will not be launched before February. For those who follow the issue closely, this is a bit surprising given that so far several rumors have indicated that mass production of the components will start from November 2021, with a launch at the end of January 2022.

This is what has been happening lately Ice world, a trusted user of mindless verbs, even if something went wrong in the past.

What is the most credible?

Remember to file S21 was introduced on January 14, 2021 while the S20 had to wait until February 11, 2020. In any case, both hypotheses seem credible at this point.

Unfortunately, Sam Mobile It doesn’t really detail where its information comes from, so it’s hard to get a more accurate idea of ​​when it’ll be released. The site evokes modestly “recent data”.

It’s not impossible the carton from Galaxy Z Flip 3 And Z fold 3 You may have prompted Samsung to wait a few more weeks.

Also remember that with Electricity rationing in China and the lack of componentsLaunch dates are more subject to last minute changes than ever. The Galaxy S21 FE ghost knows something about him.

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