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The science behind TruFru ultra-dry fruits

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Trufru with strawberries – Instagram/trufru

Chocolate-covered strawberries have been one of the most tempting desserts ever since they first made their mark in the 1960s. It was allegedly a woman working at a Stop 'N' store in Chicago who first married the two delicious ingredients, and the rest is history. Chocolate covered fruit It would be the perfect improvised indulgence if it could just keep in the pantry instead of a few days in the fridge. TruFru solved this problem by coating dried fruit, or more specifically “too dry” fruit, with chocolate instead of the fresh stuff. This candy-like morsel has a remarkably long shelf life, making it the best emergency snack to stash in your backpack.

Freeze drying has been proven to be the most reliable method of preserving fruit. Don't believe it? Ask the astronauts. That alien food you craved as a kid? It's all freeze-dried and guaranteed to last at least 25 years. The initial goal of drying the fruit was to maintain its quality well into the following seasons, but the special result created a new food of its own. As you would expect, freeze drying uses lower temperatures than the standard drying method and pulls out almost every ounce of moisture. Classic dried fruit remains with some moisture, giving it a chewy taste, while drying fruit at temperatures below freezing removes up to 98% of the water.

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When taste meets science

Truvro strawberry chocolate packageTruvro strawberry chocolate package

TruFru Strawberry Chocolate Box – TruFru

New popular candy brand TruFu is pioneering its commitment to natural ingredients. The fruit is picked at peak ripeness, flash frozen, and then “hard dried” before being encased in velvety chocolate. The company coined the term to encapsulate its specific approach to preserving fresh fruit, which involves gradually lowering temperatures to below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The minds behind TruFu are certainly creative, but they are also complete scientists.

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The creators place slices of frozen fruit such as bananas, strawberries, mangoes and even coconuts in the “Atmospheric leakage controlled freeze-drying chamber“With temperatures so cold that any ice manages to turn into a gas rather than a liquid, resulting in a perfectly preserved piece of fruit, original shape and all. The result is a light, airy bite with an unexpected crunchy finish. Aside from the texture And the taste is incredible, and the real advantage is that the TruFu process retains 97% of the nutritional properties of the fruit, unlike other processed types. There are some competing companies out there, like Crunchies and Natierra, but TruFru seems to have the most variety, bringing great flavor. A variety of fruits and chocolates come together in a clever fusion.

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