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MONTRAL, April 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Assembly of Public Health of Qubec (ASPQ) is proud to launch the second edition of Sustainable Health Week to be held approximately from 4-10 April and whose theme will be Quebec at the heart of the economy! . During this unique week, experts from various sectors will lead many meetings that bring together the economy and the sustainable health of the population. This will culminate on April 7, World Health Day, with a special morning session of conferences during which Dr. Horacio Arruda, Assistant Deputy Minister in the Department of Health and Social Services and Commissioner for Health and Welfare, Joan Castonguay, will take the floor.

During Sustainable Health Week, we will discuss the different aspects of the economy designed by and for Quebecers. Besides human activities related to the production, exchange, distribution and consumption of goods and services, we will also be concerned with the distribution of resources and their intended use. Through these exchanges, we want to build a shared vision of sustainable health, which is essential to envisioning the future of our society,” says Thomas Bastian, Managing Director of ASPQ.

A week at the heart of popular health economics
Sustainable health means better health for current and future generations in Qubec and around the world. By the same token, it also means fewer diseases, less injustice, less cramped healthcare, less suffering, and collective savings. It is a great social project for which we must act.?

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Sustainable Health Week was established in 2021 to raise public awareness by promoting different experiences and making them available to the public. ASPQ is pleased to be able to count on the contribution of Dr. Horacio Arruda, Joan Castonguay, Mehdi Ammi, Roxanne Burgess da Silva, Irene Strumpf, Carol Gabet, Jean-Pierre Despresses, Karel Meyran, Kevin Belleaudo, Sylvain Quidot, David Renaud, Corinne Vouer Caron, Jack Forrest, Virginia LaRiver, Sarah Berkan, Annie Blanchett, Deborah Debas and Caroline Foer. Participation prizes will be presented to participants throughout the week.

To know the programme:

Special Trainee on April 7
Marking World Health Day on April 7, ASPQ is holding a morning of online discussions and conferences on investing in sustainable health. Free registration here.

National awareness as part of the first Canadian Public Health Week
The Societies of Public Health of Canada, of which ASPQ is a part, are proud to hold the first Canadian Public Health Week from 4-8 April 2022. The perfect time to recognize the contributions to public health, will advance important issues for improving health and well-being.

The first annual Public Health Week will consist of a series of free webinars, the program of which is available here:

About the Association of Public Health of Quebec (ASPQ)
ASPQ brings together citizens and partners to make sustainable health, through prevention, a priority. Supports social and economic development by promoting a sustainable concept of health and well-being. Sustainable health is based on a long-term vision which, while providing care for all, also ensures that their health is maintained through prevention.

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