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The secret indicates future DLC?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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A real phenomenon at the beginning of this year, elden ring Continue to attract attention. While From Software used to push our limits, today it is The ones in the open world he smashed. Going even further to seduce a new class of players, which has hitherto been the arbitrator of proposing Evil spiritsAnd the The game could see its experience expanded in the future.

This anyway refers to an area discovered by Lance MacDonald as shown in the video below.

Even if modification is necessary to access this area, we will note that this large building appears to be perfectly designed. A simple door opening will let us in This is where multiplayer games smell like. Even if duels are not part ofelden ring-This component has already been seen in titles created by the studio. This theory will be reinforced by the presence of another runway on the map that also does not open its doors. At least for now…

Although there is no official announcement regarding the arrival of future expansions Developers have already published this type of content in the past. This will give us time to prepare our fighters through this cruel but very attractive world… It is never too late to take your first steps there, If you want to tempt.

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