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The sexy epic LA Tea Time for women

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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At first, there was the director Sophie Bedard Marcotte. It’s a gray and flat Montreal winter, money coming in scanty and employment waiting“,” text “:” pending “}}”> waiting Not sexy. So Sophie Bedard Marcotte decided to hit the road. Directed by the United States, accompanied by Director of Photography Isabel Stachenko.

Then a real journey begins for the two young women. Because Route 66 they take must lead them to Los Angeles in order to meet over a cup of tea the idol of director: artist and director Miranda Julio. You can also go to the source to find inspiration.

The beauty of road trips reminds us of wisdom Tea time in Los AngelesNot the destination at all. Because on the way the same adventures and encounters that make all the salt of life will accumulate.

Through reflective and pop vignettes, the film advances by creating its own rhythm, reflecting along the way, with communicative bliss, about friendship, creativity, success, and cinema’s new horizons.

LA Tea Time, by Sophie Bedard Marcotte Photo: Maestro Films

Because Sophie Bedard Marcotte isn’t just a filmmaker, she’s also an incredible figure creator. In his previous movie, clear in wintershe was already inventing the outlines of a free and charming cinema, never caring to fit in the box. Tea time in Los Angelesa documentary-like feature film (or vice versa), confirms this by only expanding the boundaries of this remarkable creativity.

For us, this journey where anything is possible becomes even more exciting. Not constraining itself in anything, constantly playing with rules and norms, the film surprises, amazes, and charms at each of its stops.

Especially during the delicious gestures to wizard of oz Or when the ghost of the great Chantal Ackermann appears. A hilarious and personal travel diary full of humor reminds us that meeting another, even if imagined, is indeed a source of greater wealth.

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