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The Slovaks left their MiGs in the hands of Russian technicians. They were rotten, wow

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Slovak teams ignored the problem, but they could not prove their opinion. There, the Ministry of Defense was not interested in Russian door blowing technologies. to?

As far as we know, the police also examined him. In the aircraft’s engines, there were tunnels that technicians could access, and then tunnels that only flight technicians could access. Na explained that the defects appeared only in those roads to which the Russians had access.

Not so long ago, the Slovak government decided to give Ukraine its MiG-29 fleet, which from August 2022 will not be used by the Slovak army. The Ukrainians went to Slovakia a week before leaving for a drink, brought spare rifles and meticulously inspected the planes.

By the end of the year, the Russians had attacked the Slovak airbase at Slaije, and this may have been the time when, according to the Slovak Ministry of Defense, the Russians’ planes suffered particular damage.

It was directed by Russian specialists, the former top-ranking Slovak pilot, Lieutenant General Umbor Svoboda. We attached the engine to them, which was supposed to last 350 hours. And in the end he only flew for 70 hours. What do I make of this meme? There was probably a five-year processing plant, let’s call it that. Nivm, commented in an interview with Dennk N.

Slovakia conducted its first MiG-29 strike on Ukraine during the escape. He specified that those planes had arrived in Ukraine. Ukrainian pilots piloted the attack aircraft with the assistance of the Slovak Air Force and Ukrainian personnel.

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The MiG-29 strike was deployed within the framework of the agreement between Ukraine and NATO countries. Meiji Dudev and Poland.

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