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Sherbrooke Aviation and Space aims at the moon

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The rover that will be sent to the moon will be equipped to be able to move and gather information there.

One of the technologies developed in Sherbrooke I confirm[ra] To deliver a rover or landing craft exactly where you want it on the surface of the moon, but also safely. So the first technology is equivalent to the Global Positioning System (GPS) on our phone or car.Explains Jean de La Fontaine, Chairman and CEO of NGC Aérospatiale Ltée.

The second technique is when you land, you want to avoid obstacles. We want to avoid steep slopes, rocks and crevices …

Quote from:Jean de La Fontaine, Chairman and CEO of NGC Aérospatiale Ltée.

Tested on the moon

Sherbrooke received $ 1.2 million to test its technology before the rover day’s launch. Over the next few years, the Global Positioning System (GPS) and navigation system will be tested in the lunar environment.

If he’s working in the lab, we want to test him in a real lunar environment. We have three potential chariots that will take us to the moon, and there are actually two that we caught with them […] And third, we are in negotiations, Confirms Jean de La Fontaine.

In the future, the technologies developed by NGC Aerospace could be converted to land use. For example, drones can be equipped with a Sherbrooke GPS system to deliver food or medicine to rough terrain in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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