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The Smurfs – Mission Malfeuille gives the news

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French publisher Microids and IMPS are pleased with thisAdvertisement The Smurfs – Mission Malfeuille Plus signing of an extended deployment contract for development Four new games adapted from the popular Smurfs License. These titles will explore many different types of games and will be phased out over the next five years. In addition, these future addresses will be distributed in France by Microids’ subsidiary Microids Distribution France.

“We are delighted to have signed this ambitious agreement with IMPS, which represents the realization of a very promising and long-term partnership, which constitutes a pledge of our mutual trust,” said Stephan Longyeard, CEO of Microids. “The richness of this generational license will generate particularly diverse titles: There will be something for everyone! In addition, thanks to this partnership, Microids is enhancing its game catalog of strong licenses by drawing on the smurfs’ astounding international fame.”

“What a joy to collaborate with Microids, the whole team has my confidence in bringing creative, innovative and innovative games with the little Smurfs,” added Veronique Coleford, founding president of IMPS and daughter of Peyo. “I am sure that they will please children as young and old as we are. Plus, with the new series from The Smurfs, which will be aired around the world in 2021, their bad reputation can only be increased! I am very proud of our cementing relationship with another branch of Média Participations “group.

In addition to these next four games, Smurfs will already be an integral part of the Microids 2021 lineup, as the new title featuring Little Blue Creatures, which was announced last May, will be released at the end of the year. Worthy The Smurfs – Mission MalfoyleDeveloped by Leon OSome Studio, the game will be available simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles and Nintendo Switch. In this new adventure experience, the Smurfs will once again have to thwart Machiavellian Gargamel’s plans to save their village … and the entire forest!

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Stay tuned: Microids will soon reveal more information about The Smurfs – Mission Malfeuille!

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