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The White House sacks the Pentagon Advisory Board in the latest purge

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“Several directors were terminated with a model letter. In my experience, I was very surprised that the White House would amend, at eleven o’clock, an advisory board that had a record of 19 years of nonpartisan support with the oath,” Michael Baer, ​​who was until today Chairman of the board, tell Politico.

“This kind of movement will greatly affect people in the future and their willingness to serve on these external advisory boards if they are to undergo tests of political loyalty. It is unprecedented. I feel sad,” he added. .

The dismissals came as a shock to the board members, who received no negative feedback or warning prior to their termination. A former board member lamented the move, stating that the board was “not political at all.”

The person who asked not to be named said, “You’re talking about 15, 20 CEOs, business leaders, and government leaders who are dedicating their time to serving the nation, not even a thank you letter.” “It’s just a simple matter of gratitude and appreciation for people.”

Other members excluded on Friday included Vice Chairman Atul Fashista, founder and chairman of the Neo Group. Retired Vice Admiral Dave Finlett; David Van Slick is dean of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

It was not immediately clear how many board members had been fired. “I had no indication that this was coming. It was a model letter that went to a large number of people, I don’t know how many people got it,” Bayer said.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman could not be reached for comment. Whitehouse did not respond to a request for comment. A White House spokesman said they do not comment on individuals.

The Defense Business Board is made up of more than a dozen industry leaders and academics who volunteer to provide independent business advice to the leadership of the Pentagon and are appointed by the Pentagon’s top leaders.

The Board of Directors has completed reviews of defense agencies and field activities, as well as examining the use of data analytics in the private sector and how it applies to the Department of Defense. The group also recommended abolishing the position of chief administrative officer and putting in place a new replacement, voted on this week in the Final National Defense Authorization Act.

Another former member said, “The DBB is a workboard, not a show horse.”

Whitehouse also reported the news last week to nearly ten members of the Defense Policy Board, a similar advisory board of experts outside government, that their service had been terminated. Reported by Foreign Policy. Officials pushed in the effort include former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright, as well as former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

The launch of the tablet comes less than a month after President Donald Trump Defense Secretary Mark Esper firedThese were followed by the resignations of the chief of staff of the defense minister and senior officials overseeing intelligence and politics.

Brian Bender contributed to this report.

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