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The seventh consecutive loss to the Toronto Raptors

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Pascal Siakam narrowly missed a shot that would have created an impasse in the final second.

The Raptors face their worst streak since January 2012.

Mitchell was 15 to 16 on free throws – the Raptors only had 14 of those chances, compared to 41 for a Utah.

Joe Engels scored 19 points, while Rudi Joubert and Mike Conley put in 15 points each.

Joubert also scored 16 rebounds for the jazz team that led the NBA with a 30–11 performance.

After returning after six matches on the sidelines (The Protocols), OG Anunoby gave Toronto 15 points and four steals.

Sicam scored 27 points, while Fred van Fleet and Norman Powell scored 17 points each.

Chris Boucher Montrealer scored 16 points, two ahead of Kyle Lowry.

Utah closed the first half by 11-3, leading 55-54. However, the second quarter ended on a good note for the Raptors: a 38-foot shot from VanVleet, at the last minute.

There was four-tenths of a second on the clock when Lowry returned the ball to play with a pass to VanVleet.

Toronto led 110–105 with 1:37 left in the match, as a result of a long shot by Lowry.

Free throws from Mitchell (and Connelly) will haunt Toronto FC again. Conley’s that scored the result on the final count, with 5.7 seconds on the dial.

The Raptors will attempt to return to success Sunday night in Cleveland.

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