Theater – between science and clowning, Oscar Gómez Mata goes to tickle Borges

Director Cie l’Alakran and his partner Juan Loriente flew over the Saint-Gervais theater, creating the “makers” at the speed of light.


The “makers” of Oscar Gomez Mata and Juan Laurent appeared as bikers, turning into clowns, then into shaman farmers.

Christian Lutz

Obviously, everything should have gone differently. Had it not been for the virus’ intervention, Oscar Gómez Mata would have created the “makers” last October on the stage of the Azcona Alundega Center in Bilbao, where he was completing a year of artistic residency. Circumstances forced him to postpone the promptly ripening premiere of the duo until mid-April. And suddenly, in his adopted city of Geneva, before a year was established next November, a group of “professionals” had the pleasure of attending one final spinning session last Saturday. Calendar uncertainties correspond perfectly with the abundant theme of a piece largely occupied by chance, accidents, anomalies and the subtle aspect of what is shown to us.

Poetry makers

It was co-written with the writer and physicist Augustin Fernandez Malo as well as with the troublemaker Rodrigo Garcia, Gómez Mata’s Spanish mentor and signer of his first installments in Geneva under the auspicesAlakranThe “makers” look anxiously at the great Argentine buried in the Tomb of Kings, Jorge Luis Borges. More precisely, the 1960s combining poetry and prose story, “The Maker” (“The Maker” in English), which can be read in French in Gallimard under the heading “Author and Other Texts” – these allusions to “makers” refer to the Scottish word “Makar” which means “poet.” Isn’t the main act of this actually revealing the invisible, be it with laughter, camouflage in a polyglot saber or … by pedal?

Oscar Gomez Mata and Juan Llorente, a festival united by the sacred bonds of friendship.

Oscar Gomez Mata and Juan Llorente, a festival united by the sacred bonds of friendship.

Christian Lutz

Soraya has passed since Oscar Gomez Mata played a role in one of his provocative metaphysical Mirror Balls. From the moment he arrives at 2 o’clocke Cellar San Gervais Theater With his partner Juan Laurent (the aforementioned former actor Rodrigo García), both cyclists at Club Philo Geneva, the extent of the “retired” director’s comic talent is gauged again. Even his partner complains about this extra charisma that would almost overwhelm him. This observation was also verified when the Lascarans, who wear Circassian suits, literally chain the numbers of clowns under their umbrellas in a false seat. And again when they turn into shaman cultivators, they dig here, the sensuality of the Saint Lucia painting by Baroque Francesco Forini, there is the speed of light and the “eternal dream of a photon,” elsewhere “the primordial soup by the Big Bang. Maybe only in the end, when it meets Comrades with zizi in the air to show us that “his thoughts, it is better to put them in the rear”, we realize that in addition to Borges, Godard or Tati, the tandem praises above all the friendship that you have established. Because it was me “to Montaigne and Laboy …

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