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There is not yet a release date for àVélo in Quebec

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The season was supposed to start on Sunday, but a technical problem has forced Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) to postpone the launch to a later date while the supplier identifies and resolves the payment terminal’s connection problem.

could be a littlesoftware glitch“That can be resolved in a timely manner, and quickly, the general manager of PSTN, Alan Mercer. But I think it is wise to let the technical teams do their work. Once we know the root cause, we will be able to establish a return date.

connection problems

Saturday, the day before commissioning, PSTN I noticed the instability of the system connection to the terminals of some new terminals. In the hours that followed, the problem spread to the majority of stations in the network. The challenge is that when a bike is parked at a new station, the computer system does not recognize it and is no longer available to a future user.

It creates a state of disorganization for customers’ travel and we want to ensure that customers receive high quality service. »

Quote from Alan Mercer, General Manager, Regional Training Center

The supplier, PBSC, has deployed similar electric-assisted bike-sharing systems in several cities around the world. This problem could not have been observed in other cities, according to Alan Mercer.

For ÀVélo’s second season, RTC wants to deploy 40 bike-sharing stations in Quebec City.

Photo: Radio Canada / Audrey Paris

No user has been penalized

The PSTN It also specifies that 153 people have purchased an annual subscription to àVélo. Since the subscription takes effect on the first day of its use, these customers will not be penalized for the current situation.

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Since the subscription starts on the first day of use, the file PSTN It guarantees that no user has yet paid a sum for the 2022 season.

The General Manager also confirms that he has not yet negotiated the issue of compensation with the supplier, preferring to allow the teams to resolve the issue.

The PSTN It allocates a budget of $4.1 million for this second season of àVélo, including $2.6 million for equipment acquisition costs.

For this second season, Quebec City aims to provide citizens with 400 bikes spread across 40 stations through October.

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