Canada-US borders: Citizens resume their customs

This reopening is a treat for many in the Edmundston area, especially motorists. More Edmundston citizens are traveling to US soil these days. “Refueling. I’m keeping in this side for sure. A native we interviewed mentions.

At $2.7 per Canadian liter in Edmundston today, some see it as a huge advantage. Motorists with whom he met appreciate that this is a significant saving.

A service station located in downtown Edmundston does not appear to be affected by this change. “The volume is currently as good as it was before the border opened. I haven’t really seen a difference. Maybe it’s coming in,” says Bill Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Esso gas station.

As of today, the Canadian dollar is worth 80 US cents. It also benefits our neighbors in the south. “I came here for the dentist. Not many places I live in. The ones here are very good. That’s why I came here. Our money goes further in this aspect,” says a Maine resident.

Some have been separated from their families living in Maine and appreciate this return to normal. They can now travel regularly between the two countries to see their loved ones.

With the advent of the ArriveCan app, which aims to make it easier to record one’s journey at the border post, people have had to adapt. For some it was a little complicated at first but once you get used to it the steps are done quickly.

In addition, traffic on the international bridge will be banned during the day until Saturday. So cross-border travel will be more complicated.

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