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These mysterious flying objects that fascinate America

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A report on weather phenomena observed by US Navy pilots in recent years is scheduled to be presented to the US Congress at the end of the month. However, according to The New York TimesIts content threatens to perpetuate ambiguity…

Nicholas Pérob

Nicholas Pérob

“no proof”

to me The New York Times, a report due to be presented to the US Senate later this month contains no evidence that the 120 or so atmospheric phenomena that Navy pilots have observed in recent years are extraterrestrial spacecraft. However, the newspaper, citing intelligence sources, said that many of the unusual observations detailed in the report remain unexplained. “One possible explanation – that the phenomenon could be weather balloons or other research balloons – does not carry water in all cases due to changes in wind speed at the time of some interactions,” the paper wrote.

More data

French press agency

US Army video capture showing an unidentified object moving at a very high speed, recorded by fighter pilots on April 26, 2020. This phenomenon remains unexplained.

Hakim Olusi, associate professor of physics and astronomy at George Mason University, notes that the lack of evidence reported by the New York Daily doesn’t mean much, and noted that he asked for access to the information from the US senators who started the report. “We’re not trying to find little green men outside of Earth, we’re trying to get more data that will allow us to keep looking to try to explain the phenomena,” he said in a phone interview. Without believing in conspiracy theories and the idea that the government is a secret power, Olusey points out that he doesn’t take government statements literally either. The government has often said that it does not disclose all the technologies it tests and uses. ”

“We don’t know what they are”


Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama gave people concerned about gratuitous appearances something to grind on last month when asked about the problem at the show’s location. Late Show with James Corden on CBS. “What’s true, and I’m really serious here, is that there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky that we don’t know what exactly,” Obama said. Some video footage filmed by Navy pilots shows objects moving at very high speed, able to quickly change direction.

Beat the stigma

Reuters photo

US Air Force F-35

Mr Oluseyi notes that data sharing by the US federal government will allow scientists to move forward with their research. It also helps overcome the stigma associated with this topic, and may even increase our knowledge of the world around us. For example, for a long time, aircraft pilots said that they saw strange luminous phenomena above the clouds. We now know they were right, and they are transient luminous phenomena, which can resemble a lightning bolt toward space. ”

If “train” Starlink


This long-exposure image shows the Starlink “train” in the skies over Kansas, United States, on May 6.

Recently, citizens noticed a strange streak of light moving across the starry sky. The formation was visible in the Montreal sky last month. It has nothing to do with the phenomena observed by the Navy. It was actually a series of dozens of small satellites put into orbit by Starlink Corporation, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, which aims to provide high-speed internet coverage around the world. Satellites are 60 times closer to Earth than conventional satellites, which makes them more visible at night. Dubbed the “Starlink Train,” this phenomenon has led to many complaints over the years. Starlink notes that the new satellites it sends into space are now undergoing technical modifications that have been made to “reduce the satellite’s brightness.” Ultimately, more than 1,600 of these satellites will orbit around the world, providing fast Internet access in remote areas.

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