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“They stole my toys, I’m disgusted” – Hugo Barrett

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After winning his first event, the biker was faced with the unpleasant surprise of seeing the judges decide to resume racing due to a fall.

“My toys were stolen from me,” Barrett initially said in an interview after his ordeal. I’m disgusted. I’ve had many falls and serious injuries in my career, but nothing hurts me more than what just happened. Getting back on my feet will be much more difficult than it was after a major injury.”

“It’s the most disappointing moment of my career and I’ve been overwhelmed by the feeling of injustice, to continue the cyclist at Îles-de-la-Madeleine. It will be very difficult to get rid of that feeling. When you lose in a fair way, you go back to work and improve the faulty sides, but what do you do?” When the judges lose you.”

total misunderstanding

Barrett does not understand the judges’ decision and refutes the explanations given to him. “It never happens in Keren that the race resumes unless there is a runner on the track,” he explained. It’s totally silly and meaningless as a decision. I was told there was debris on the runway. This is wrong as we can see on the cover video. There was no reason to stop the race. If you were part of a big cycling country, no such decision would happen.”

Barrett gave a performance that wanted to move to the next round before the judges decided to appeal everything. “I’ve been training for five years now and was ready, but I was robbed by a decision that made no sense to the judges,” he said. I had a very cool race, a perfect race.”

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In the reboot, Barrett was involved in a collision with a British rider. “He had no more room to pass and came to treat me,” he said. Had he been punished for his gesture, I would not have won more, but the decision would have been fair. A rider from the Netherlands was eliminated in this line and saw his championship end. It was another questionable decision.”

Barrett then went through the finishing stage, but a fall in the previous race left its mark. “I thought I was fine, but I had trouble breathing in the middle of the effort. I let myself go all the way. I have a broken rib. It didn’t hurt much and the doctor told me I couldn’t do anything. Time will fix things. I’ll find out more when I wake up and I’ll be able to see the damage.” “.

good news

Disgusted with what he had just gone through, Barrett was able to partially console himself later in the day when his girlfriend Kelsey Mitchell reached the semi-finals in the sprint. She beat her friend, teammate, and Bronze Medalist in Keren Lorient Genest in the quarter-finals.

“It was a little bandage on my wounds,” he explained. I tried to stay positive around her. Kelsey is on fire now and it looks good in the semi-finals where she will face a German. We don’t want to see two friends quarreling, but we put the friendship aside for a few minutes. It was a great race between Kelsey and Lorient.”

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