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Well done Gary Bateman! Sports value-added tax

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is a businessman and I loved the way he handled the thorny Chicago Blackhawks this week.

By meeting Joel Quinville and – we can imagine – pushing him to resign as head coach of the Florida Panthers, he demonstrated the leadership required of a business leader.

What we learned this week about Kyle Beach and the alleged sexual assault by former Hawks video coach Brad Aldrich has tarnished the NHL’s image. Bettman had no choice but to act quickly, and even if the damage was done, it showed what the leadership of the Blackhawks did in 2010 was unacceptable.

By doing this, I hope it will prevent some people with ill intentions from taking action.

Chevaldayoff white

I know some people were upset when they learned that after meeting General Manager Kevin Sheffieldev yesterday, Bateman decided not to sanction him. Remember, Cheveldayoff was Deputy General Manager Stan Bowman at the time of the accidents, in 2010.

If the commissioner makes this decision, it is because he is satisfied that disciplinary action is not necessary. The NHL cannot give anyone freebies for this.

Despite everything, this issue is far from resolved.

Kyle Beach’s brave testimony shook the temple columns and there is collective anxiety among the Blackhawks at the moment.

What happened and the crew’s failure not to undermine their chances of winning the Stanley Cup is appalling. There are no other words.

Brunette: a good choice

After Joel Quinville’s resignation, the Panthers announced that Andrew Brunet would take over temporary responsibility. The latter was Quinville’s deputy. It is a good decision for the organization. Some rumors sent John Tortorella to Florida, but I like the decision not to turn things around for now with the Panthers sitting at the top of the overall standings.

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Andrew Brunet will continue to apply what Quinville planted with the Panthers. This way, you don’t create unhappy or jealous people.

The man deserves a rest

In another context, Guy Lafleur’s honors on Wednesday and Thursday in Quebec were a success across the board. Now that he’s done, let him rest. It deserves this.

The ceremony he took off his number 4 shirt on Thursday night really touched me. Not only because Jay Miz marked my youth as well as my career, but above all because despite his cancer, he stood as tall as an oak tree.

I would like to congratulate Quebec City as well as QMJHL for the honor that was paid this week. Gorgeous gestures for an equally wonderful man.

But everyone noticed: the treatments that the man is now undergoing have weakened. As he mentioned in his Thursday night speech, he was unable to say no, and once again this week he was there for the people who have supported him throughout his career.

It was his life story.

Now that that’s done, whether you’re a member of the media, teams, sports organizations, or whatever, leave it alone.

This man who raised the crowd is fighting for his life. He will need every little bit of energy available to beat this bad Cancer.

Let’s take the steps to receive him for the interview, please!

– Interview by Kevin Dobby

Echo of my tower

Message included

The Canadian probably played his best game of the year Thursday night against the Sharks in San Jose. It seems the players have finally figured out what it takes to win. We didn’t solve all the problems, but at least the work was there.

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When everyone is working and investing the necessary energy, we don’t care about the game system, the teams that work with their hearts are the ones that succeed. Now we will have to find out if this is the beginning of the trend or if it is just an isolated case.

The team will end their trip to the American West on Sunday and will have the opportunity to return to Montreal with a smile on their face. With two wins, tonight against the Los Angeles Kings and tomorrow against the Anaheim Ducks, the CH team will find themselves just two games away from the 500 record. From there, anything is possible.

Where is Jeff Molson?

Uncertainty still swirls over Mark Bergvin’s future, and rumors are ringing everywhere. Luc Robitaille also reacted in our yesterday’s edition about the rumor that sent the general manager of the Canadians to LA with the Kings.

In an interview with his colleague Jean-Francois Chaumont, Robitaille softened the situation by saying that it was not uncommon to see a hockey player in his senior year without a contract. The question I ask myself: Why is everyone commenting except Jeff Molson?

Where is the owner of Canadians now? Something is going on, and the lack of transparency is fueling the rumor machine.

Calgary impresses me

The Flames had a great start to the season and I was impressed with the way they play.

I recently saw a line where Kirk Muller was seen giving his advice to the Flames players as head coach Daryl Sutter looked on with a smirk. We don’t see him smiling often, Sutter! It makes me believe that Mueller has been given important responsibilities with the Alberta team.

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I’m happy for him. Getting him kicked out of Montreal wasn’t easy, but he found another way to bounce back.

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