Third link, more real joke than ever

The authorities demonstrated in anticipation of the work on the Pierre Laporte bridge, It is possible to avoid crowding monsters in exceptional cases by ensuring very good communication.

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Genevieve Gilbolt must have been disappointed this morning watching the news. To say that the Minister in charge of the National Capital Region and Public Security, believes that works like the one that should be done on this bridge for 20 days this summer, will establish “beyond any reasonable doubt” the need for a third link

We’re off target, and we’re going back to the campaigns of fear.

Yesterday a friend joked, that not only did we show the need for a third link in exceptional situations, we also showed that there is less congestion with only one link…

It is better to just laugh. But far from the farce, the cities of Quebec and Levis, emergency services and in recent days the Department of Transportation have managed to avoid the worst by communicating the situation well to residents.

Were it not for these communication efforts, which prompted individuals and businesses alike to take measures to avoid as much travel between beaches as possible, congestion would have been expected to be four times greater than what it used to be close to bridges.

real stuffing

But the opposite turned out, and everyone was able to organize themselves. It will now be necessary to repeat for 19 days of remaining work, and take notes to accomplish the same exercise in 10, 15 or 20 years, i.e. when the asphalt on the bridge must be rebuilt.

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But it will not be necessary to open 10 billion dollars to build a tunnel, In light of the information revealed in the excellent report presented yesterday by my colleague Jean-Luc Lavalle, it may cost more.

With very big thinking, with a wider, longer and deeper tunnel, the CAQ government has turned the third link into a real joke. I agree with Representative Catherine Dorion, When you say we’re on Elvis Gratton’s record. “Think big, sti!”

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